New York State Licensed & Insured Private Investigator and Detective Agency Based on Long Island. 


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We conduct the following types of investigations, but not limited to:

surance Related Matters – Personal Injury, Auto, General liability, litigation, Statements & Interviews, Workers Compensation, Catastrophic Injury and death claims, Alive & Well Check Verification, Activity Checks

Domestic/Matrimonial & Family – Obtaining evidence for Assistance in Legal Separations, Divorce or Alimony Proceedings, Child Custody, Child Support, Child Whereabouts or Child Monitoring, Cheating or Infidelity, Missing Persons or Lost Relatives.

Civil – Monetary Judgment Investigations, Non criminal disputes and disagreements between parties.

Corporate – Character Determination, Employee screening, Due Diligence, Internal Undercover Operations & Covert Workplace Investigations., mystery shoppers, Loss Prevention & Undercover Operations